Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pretty Much Everything From Manatee (Mike Schulman From Black Tambourine) Is On Bandcamp For Free (But You Should Pay For This Stuff!)

When he's not busy running Slumberland Records, Mike Schulman is in Manatee, a Bay Area band who are equal parts early Replacements, mid-period Husker Du, and...a hint of Circle Jerks or Fear? Just a hint...maybe on the punkier cuts like "Things Falling Down" or "Chased By Anderson Cooper" (Robert Pollard called and was angry that he didn't think up that song title).

For a limited time this month you can get pretty much everything from Manatee for free. Just head over to their Bandcamp page.

Of course, I urge you to pay for this stuff.

Or at least head over to Slumberland Records and buy something like a piece of Mike's past which also happens to be an essential compilation.

Hit up Slumberland for more details on Mike's label.

Manatee's official Facebook page is here.

And the Manatee Bandcamp page is where you wanna go.