Saturday, December 21, 2013

Play And Download Rare Peel Session Track From The Jesus And Mary Chain

I can remember where I was in early 1987 when I heard The Jesus and Mary Chain for the first time.

My friend was playing me tapes on my old boom-box in my parents' kitchen. After something like the VU-inspired "Just Like Honey", he flipped Psychocandy over in the player and hit play. "Never Understand" boomed out where I had my snacks and helped with dishes. I had never heard anything like that before and -- quite frankly -- I can count on one hand the rush of musical moments like that since then.

Remember that for me that was a full year before I heard any Creation bands or got my hands on any My Bloody Valentine recordings.

In 1987, it was a long way from The Smiths to JAMC in the USA!

However, all that being said, this Peel Session track from September 1985 is a good deal lighter.