Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Now You Can Play (And Buy) My Favorite Jet Age Tune!

If not my favorite then at least in my Top 5, this recent non-album Jet Age cut rocks like a champ!

Somehow the guys in this D.C. band must have invented a time machine and sent Robert Pollard back to 1968 where he bum-rushed Daltrey and took over for The Who. Pete Nuwayser, once again impressively calling up the ghost of Moonie, batters the drum kit into helpless submission. Bassist Greg Bennett channels both Geezer Butler and Jack Bruce in his bass runs and frontman Eric Tischler lets loose squalls of free jazz feedback and glorious postrock guitar noise as "Had A Plan" rockets forward. By offering a lyrical reference to "My Generation", Tischler makes his Who fixation pay off here.

Play and then buy the massively rockin' "Had A Plan" via the link below.

As I already posted, The Jet Age will be rocking the house this week at Tropicalia, their first gig in a long while.

The Jet Age will be premiering a handful of new songs from their upcoming record, Jukebox Memoir, at this gig. Jukebox Memoir is the follow-up to 2011's excellent Domestic Disturbances.

The Jet Age will be sharing the stage with Tereu Tereu, DJ sets from Paul from the Hometown Sounds blog, and Heavy Breathing.

Check out the Tropicalia website for more show details:

And be sure to check out the official website for The Jet Age for more details on their upcoming album, Jukebox Memoir, which should drop in early 2014.