Monday, December 23, 2013

Dig Some Fresh And Fierce Tunes From Scotland's The Phantoms Here!

These 4 lads are starting to make a noise on the internet...a noise that warms my ears.

The Phantoms hail from near Edinburgh and they make a nice racket. Recalling worthy forefathers like The Skids -- "Undiscovered Secrets" is like Editors ripping through "Into the Valley" -- or even Joy Division -- "We're Coming For You" is like some weird, wild cover of "Disorder" as done by The Cribs -- The Phantoms are on the cusp of great things with a new EP that just dropped last month. For all the familiarity in these tunes, there's something epic and windswept here, for lack of better terms, and the vibe here brings to mind stuff like The Sound and The Chameleons.

And for those two reasons, you'd be wise to get on The Phantoms bandwagon now.

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