Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving On Lamma Island, Hong Kong

I spent my first Thanksgiving in Hong Kong (in 2012) at Pizza Hut (!) in Causeway Bay. This year, the excellent Prime Bar and Grill on Lamma Island did "American" Thanksgiving.

(They owed it to us Yanks after they did a Canadian Thanksgiving back in October!)

It was awesome. The pumpkin pie was freshly made which was a nice suprirse after the typical pre-made pies people grab at the grocery stores in the U.S.

Since I spent two Christmas vacations here in 2009 and 2010 before I moved here in 2011, I don't really mind spending Christmas here. But, for some odd reason, Thanksgiving here makes me incredibly homesick.

So among the many thousands of things I'm thankful for, I am a little bit grateful and pleasantly surprised that I could have such a good U.S.-style Thanksgiving here.

(And they are doing it again this Sunday if you want to head out to Lamma Island for a Thanksgiving follow-up, the "leftovers" as it were!)