Thursday, November 21, 2013

Play New Withered Hand Track (With Pam Berry Of Black Tambourine and Glo-Worm) Here!

It's not that I like to name-drop as much as it is that I'm wildly nostalgic for another era.

I don't think she ever said more than two words to me at the time but Pam Berry came into the Record Co-Op quite a bit in the very late 1980s with Archie Moore. This would have been about a year or so before Black Tambourine and Velocity Girl formed.

And in 1989 or thereabouts when the Record Co-Op liquidated our vinyl stock a year before we closed down, I vividly remember Archie and Pam -- and Slumberland's Mike Schulman and all the other WMUC folks -- absolutely pillaging our bins. I had already given up on vinyl for CDs but I can remember scanning what those folks brought to the counter and going "Uh huh. Oh yeah. Good choice!" to that crew as I rang up their stacks of records.

Which is a long and personal way of introducing the most assuredly awesome "Black Tambourine" by Withered Hand with Pam Berry on guest vocals.

(Nearly a quarter of a century later and Pam is on a tribute record to herself!)

The track from Withered Hand is a delightful affair, equal parts Comet Gain and June Brides (maybe)? Play it here and then head on over to Slumberland Records for more details.

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