Friday, November 22, 2013

New EP From Pulco (ex-Derrero) Is Out Now (Plus Play New Working Track)

Yes, Ash Cooke is back again as Pulco. The one-time Derrero mastermind has released the lovely APES EP.

A sort of stripped-down affair, the song titles were concocted by the also awesome musician Adam Leonard who also prodded Ash to record with just an acoustic guitar.

Opener "Maybe You Just Vibrate" reminds us of Ash Cooke's way with a tune. Sounding a bit like a slowed down Derrero number, the cut insinuates itself immediately. It's a warm tune that I hate to call folk-y; maybe new acoustic? I don't know the name of this genre but I like it a lot.

After the first of two spoken word cuts, Pulco unveils "Double Denim" with its Kinks-isms and hints of -- gasp -- Noel Gallagher (at least for me in spots).

Later the gentle "Kudos Credos" unfurls and works its magic.

Closer "Spectrum Russians" is just beautiful. With chord changes and harmonies that made me think of Nick Lowe for some odd reason, the tune is a nod in the direction of the moments when a post-Beatles McCartney would sometimes crank out something as affecting as "Too Many People" or another largely stripped-down number.

Really, it's a beautiful cut and I'd love to hear Ash Cooke do this one with electric instruments behind him.

Now, in other Pulco news, he's released a working track that echoes early early Fall or Beefheart cuts. Something tells me he's been listening to Trout Mask Replica. It's the near-abrasive "Fan Heater" and you can play it below.

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