Sunday, October 27, 2013

Play New Rose Elinor Dougall EP Here!

It's always a good thing when Rose Elinor Dougall releases some new music. Every track on her debut solo album, 2010's Without Why, was a winner.

She's now set to drop an EP in November called Future Vanishes on You Records.

(Website or any other info on that label?)

Some of these tracks have been lurking on the web for quite some time -- "Poison Ivy", all Tracey Thorn-meets-Dusty, is something I heard nearly 20 months ago, for example -- but it's still worth sitting down and giving these tracks your full attention. "Future Vanishes" bears a hint of Stereolab but there's something more...English here, for lack of a better way to describe this music. If The Sundays had ever gone a tiny bit space-y it might have sounded like this lush piece of music.

Rose's management team has changed hands and the nice chap who got me the promo of her first solo CD has moved on to new projects.

So for now my dear Rose Fans, check out the lady's Facebook page or just check back in here with me.

I'm such a fan that I'm gonna post anything I hear or read about new music from Ms. Dougall.