Thursday, September 19, 2013

Free Dot Dash MP3 Ahead Of Terry Malts Gig At DC9 This Sunday

By now, you've surely bought and played -- many times -- the thoroughly excellent new album, Half-Remembered Dream by Dot Dash?

No? You are so unhip that you haven't done that yet? Well get over to iTunes or to get your hands on that record.

But, download, crank up, and enjoy "Bloom/Decay" below.

What an awesome, awesome piece of postpunk business this is. As if it wasn't already a great song, that "ravedown" near the end is one of my favorite moments on the new album.

While Terry Banks, Danny Ingram, and Hunter Bennett are still burning the Dash flame, guitarist Bill Crandall has recently called it quits. His replacement? Mr. Jim Spellman, one-time drummer for Velocity Girl.

Show up at the Dot Dash gig this Sunday -- the 2nd with Spellman? -- and see if the former Velocity Guy -- (Sorry!) -- can throw down those tasty Steve Diggle-ish licks that Crandall layered all over this latest long-player.

Either that or shout out requests for "Audrey's Eyes" and see if Spellman pushes Ingram off the kit in some powerpop Pavlovian reaction.

Dot Dash are playing with Slumberland Records' Terry Malts, as well as Queen Kwong.

Follow Dot Dash on their Facebook page:

Details on the gig with Terry Malts are here on Facebook and here on the DC9 website.