Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Best Band You Haven't Heard Yet: Radkey

I'll admit that I only heard about these guys thanks to the NME but so what? That's how I heard about The Stone Roses 24 years ago and those guys were just as good as the hype in that mag made them sound.

Radkey is made up of 3 brothers from Missouri. They sound like The Misfits and early Nirvana but spikier and less whiny, if that makes any sense.

"Out Here In My Head" is like Glen Danzig wailing over an early Dischord release.

This is pretty invigorating stuff, frankly. The tracks rocket by without a lot of wasted bits. Somehow bridging various fantastic influences, these guys are cranking out something loud and oddly fun. There's a hint here of what punk was always supposed to be: a punch in the solar plexus as a riff and a snarl rocket out of your earphones or speakers or from a speaker on a stage.

I can only imagine how tight these guys are live.

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And you can also check out their Bandcamp page via that link below.