Monday, July 8, 2013

Thank God For The Manics: Rewind The Film Single Drops

I've been listening to the Manic Street Preachers for about 15 years now as a serious fan. I had heard stuff before that but it never clicked. For some reason, I latched onto the lyrics of the Everything Must Go album before the melodies did it for me -- crazy, I know.

And that brings us to "Rewind The Film", the new single which debuted on the BBC this morning. Featuring Richard Hawley -- sounding very much like Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy, I might add! -- the track is elegiac and stately, the sound of adults -- the rock version of Sinatra's The September Of My Years (the track and the album).

It's breathtakingly simple -- apart from James Dean Bradfield's Greg Lake-isms there! -- and it's perfect for that.

Thank you Misters Bradfield, Moore, Wire, and Hawley. You've made my bloody day with this one.

And there's a version up on Soundcloud here.

The NME has all the details on the new album which drops in September.