Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Temple Songs Continue To Work Their Magic On Me: New Video for New Single Via The NME

The NME has got the new video for the new Temple Songs single -- out July 1 on RIP Records -- and it's a corker.

Think Yatsura and Pavement having it out. Think The Pastels desperately trying to keep up with The Jesus and Mary Chain's "Never Understand"...or something.

This is "Passed Caring" and like all the other Temple Songs tunes I've hyped, it's boss. I've yet to hear a track from these Mancs that didn't thrill me in some large or small way.

Anxious to hear a full-length, lads. You and Childhood can keep drumming up anticipation.

TempleSongs.Bandcamp.com for all your Temple Songs needs.

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