Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Dot Dash Song - Broken Halo

Premiered at their recent gig with Eternal Summers at the Rock and Roll Hotel, D.C.'s own Dot Dash premiered a new song called "Broken Halo" and we've got video of the cut courtesy of drummer Danny Ingram's son Sam.

The song opens like Joy Division, has a little downward guitar riff that recalls skinny tie power pop stuff, and then moves into what I'm beginning to call the Dot Dash sound: crashing cymbals, pounding drums, and slashing guitar lines over a throbbing bass.

And it all ends with something that sounds like a little drum-fill hook from The Wonders from that Tom Hanks flick.

I can't wait to hear this on the inevitable 3rd record.

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(By the way, that pic is not from the recent gig but it's one I took at a 2011 gig with Chameleons Vox and Dot Dash.)