Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Who Sez Punks Can't Be Ambitious? Cinema Cinema Bring The Rawk

How can just 2 guys make so much freakin' noise!?!

Cinema Cinema -- Paul Claro on drums and Ev Gold on vocals and guitars -- crank out a mind-numbing series of tunes on Manic Children & The Slow Aggression. Poised near hardcore, these cuts veer into unexpected areas: near-metal on "Shiner No. 3"; Hendrix-esque stuff on "Cycles"; loud folk on "NLL". Over the course of the 80 minutes on this monster, Claro and Gold pound, strum, and scream through these nearly epic cuts.

The production by legendary D.C. studio wizard Don Zientara keeps things simple. Somehow these 2 guys sound like an army here. It's sometimes overwhelming music -- like on the rawk of "Lady Abortion" -- but it's nearly always ambitious. It's not enough unless it's too much, as they sometimes say, and Cinema Cinema adhere to that.

There are moments here where Cinema Cinema recall Dischord rule-breakers like Shudder to Think and others where they bring to mind SST pioneers -- Husker Du's wilder moments on Zen Arcade (1984). Overall, the musicianship is outstanding -- it's like some of those Zappa players doing a punk record in spots -- but I really preferred the cuts that featured Monster Magnet-like takes on the Stooges template: fuzzy, loud rawk!!!.

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