Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fuzzy Pop Delights From London's The Tuts

This is really good stuff -- poppy but with a garage-y snarl, punky but catchy. London's The Tuts -- Nadia Javed on vocals and guitar, Harriet Doveton on bass and backing vocals, and Beverly Ishmael on drums -- owe a big debt to bands like Kenickie and the earlier C86 artists but they're not simply a revival act. What you're hearing here is, quite simply, a younger generation of Brit musicians blend together a lot of postpunk history into something new and fresh.

The tracks on the EP are simple and direct -- like if The Pipettes could play punk rock. I always tend to gravitate towards stuff like this. "I Call You Up" is rough, like early Bis, but it's catchier while "Lying Lover (Acoustic)" is melodic and affecting. And "All Too Late" does indeed recall those early Libertines singles.

I really like "Back Up" -- all girl group-meets-glam stomp -- but it's not on the EP. A live video is below.

And they can rock glitter make-up so that's something.

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