Thursday, January 24, 2013

Five Reasons Why I (Still) Love Superchunk

I've now been listening to Superchunk for about 21 years.

I'm an old-ass college rock rocker.

And in the last year in Hong Kong, I've listened to Superchunk more than any other band while riding the MTR to and from work. I do not know why either.

Except that they rock. And I love them. And here are 5 reasons why.

1. The New Order-esque everyday poetry of "The First Part" (1993) -- 'One good minute could last me a whole year' indeed!

2. This song and this performance.

3. In 1997 -- I think -- I saw them dress up as The Misfits for a show in D.C. And it was all kinds of kick ass.

4. Jon Wurster's drumming. Jon Wurster's drumming at the 2:45 mark and onwards.

5. Their songs rock even in acoustic settings. Case in point...

BONUS REASON: Their covers are good. They are not indie wiseacres when they cover something mainstream like this. They find the hook and ride it into infinity.

Like they've been doing for 23+ years...