Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back In Hong Kong: Now What? (And A Blogging Note)

After leaving my parents' house outside of D.C. near 7:00 AM Monday morning, I arrived home on Lamma Island after 1:00 AM Wednesday morning, Hong Kong time.

Can you say jet lag?

Weather here is certainly warmer than in D.C., but it sure as heck felt cold last night. Still, I could open the balcony door for a spell today and that's something I couldn't do at home in D.C. in January.

The flight on ANA was great except for the limited viewing options; for the first time ever, I didn't watch a single thing but, instead, ate and drifted out of consciousness for the 14 hours I was on the plane.

The first meal was a pork-chop cutlet with Japanese curry and some cold noodles. And the second meal was Korean: Bibimbap!

The United flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong was not too bad.

I had an empty seat next to me the whole way back on both flights, just like when I flew to D.C. on 12/19.

Back to blogging about music. 2012 was the first year since I started this blog in 2007 where my yearly blog-post count went down.

Attribute that to lack of free time here and far less desire to share my personal life on the blog anymore.

For now, I'm back in Hong Kong for the foreseeable future.

But I already miss my family. And Taco Bell.

So who knows?