Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mark My Words, 2013 Will Be The Year Of Dog Bite

That attention-getting blog-post headline may seem silly but you need to know about Dog Bite.

Some of you hipsters may know Phil Jones from his work with Washed Out -- I'm a bit late to the party on that one -- but never mind. You'll soon know him mainly as Dog Bite.

What's here to hear?

Elements of A.R. Kane; bits and pieces of early 4AD bands like Rema-Rema and The Wolfgang Press, and a touch of that awesome Swallow album; a postpunk sense of expansiveness beyond what guitar rock normally sounds like.

What this is is great. The Dog Bite songs that I've heard are emotional and affecting in ways large and small.

The debut album will drop in early February. Mark your calendars.

For now, follow Dog Bite on his Facebook page:

Or at his new home at Carpark Records:

More importantly, play "Prettiest Pills" from Dog Bite now. Play it loud and play it often.

More Dog Bite news in the near future.