Monday, December 24, 2012

Download Busy From D.C. Legends radioblue Here!

I'm still proud that I sort of wrote the definitive history of D.C.'s own radioblue last year. Those guys deserved it and one listen to this cut ought to convince you of that.

"Busy" from radioblue is just a power-pop gem, all jangle-y and chiming guitars and blissful harmonies. Owing as much to the sound of British bands of the era as it does to American acts like The Byrds and Let's Active, this cut, like most of the stuff radioblue cranked out, really deserves a re-appraisal.

Mark Helm is still making music -- you can find some more tunes on this blog and on that Soundcloud link -- and, of course, radioblue drummer Danny Ingram, though not on this cut, ended up in Swervedriver and Dot Dash.