Saturday, November 3, 2012

Temple Songs: A Whole Lotta Free Music And It's Just Great Stuff

The winner of the best new thing I've heard all week award this week goes to Manchester's Temple Songs.

I mean, seriously, what are they putting in the water in that city that the place produced -- and continues to produce -- so many great bands?

With sounds echoing classic US garage rock from the 1960s -- "I Could Kill You Anytime" -- to the unearthly and beautiful Barrett-like pop of "I'll Write You A Song", these guys are just making fantastic music.

Not only that, but they're a generous lot; there's at least 2 singles and 1 album up for free -- for now -- on their Bandcamp page:

I urge you to go get some stuff from these lads.

And check out their Facebook page as well.

First, play the Standells-meets-Chris Knox-meets-Pretty Things monster-hit "Magick with a 'K'".

Lo-fi? Yes, but wildly inventive and a cracking good tune.