Saturday, November 10, 2012

Some Thoughts On Captain America Issue 19 (2012)

I never much followed Ed Brubaker's run on Captain America; the word "gritty" was used once to describe his stuff and I just don't think that that word goes well with Captain America as a character.

But I'm open-minded and I readily admit that I need to run more of Ed's 10-year run on the title.

So I got my hands on issue 19 of Captain America and I have to say that I was quite impressed. The issue is -- to use an overused word -- meta, and downright literary.

By the time that Steve Rogers got around to addressing a rival Cap while holding a Captain America comic book and talking about Joe Simon and Jack Kirby as if they were real people, I was a fan. The whole sequence felt vaguely Nabokovian and that's a good thing.