Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crash Course In Dot Dash Prior To The Ash Gig In D.C. On Thursday!

Okay, I've posted about them a lot -- click on that Dot Dash tag below -- but now is the final reminder from me about the Dot Dash/Ash show at DC9 on November 15.

Details are here!

Or here on their Facebook page!

It's worth remembering that the 4 members of Dot Dash -- Terry Banks, Bill Crandall, Hunter Bennett, and Danny Ingram -- were in a lot of good bands prior to this project. Terry Banks was in Glo-Worm with Pam Berry from Black Tambourine and Danny Ingram was in...a shitload of bands!

The point is that these guys rock and you need to see them live.

So here's a crash course in the previous gigs of these Dot Dash boys.

(P.S. -- these guys rock!)

Youth Brigade - "Moral Majority" (Danny Ingram on drums)

Modest Propsoal - "I've Seen Your Face Before" (Bill Crandall on guitar and Danny Ingram on drums [for the reunion gig])

(Be sure to check out this link for a look back at this great mod/power-pop record!)

Julie Ocean - "Ten Lonely Words" (Terry Banks on lead vocals and guitar and Hunter Bennett on bass)

Dot Dash - "Tragedy/Destiny" (Terry Banks, Bill Crandall, Hunter Bennett, and Danny Ingram)

Ash - "A Life Less Ordinary"