Saturday, November 3, 2012

Another Free MP3 From Dot Dash In Advance Of The Ash Gig On November 15

You know, I really want to come back to D.C. to see Dot Dash open for Ash on November 15 (Details here.)

I mean, I really want to come back for that gig. As it is, I probably won't get to but I'm going to try to see Danny Ingram's legendary Youth Brigade when they play a show with Government Issue and Scream on December 29 since I'll be home in D.C. for at least a week near Christmas.

Anyway, in anticipation of that Ash gig, here's another free MP3 from Dot Dash.

And, for those of you who somehow missed my ravings about this band, check out my review of the second album, Winter Garden Light.

Today's free MP3 is "Countdown" and it's quite possibly the most concise distillation of the band's strengths. Terry Banks' vocals here are right out of a classic 1970s power pop record -- echoing his stuff with Julie Ocean (which also featured Dot Dash bassist Hunter Bennett and Jim Spellman from Velocity Girl). "Countdown" has that solid and nearly angry beat from drummer Danny Ingram and the Buzzcocks-echoing guitar riffs from Bill Crandall -- I defy you not to think of "Airwaves Dream" when you crank this -- all those pieces come together and the band rockets forward to create something punky and tuneful.

Still, "Countdown" like the rest of the tunes from Dot Dash takes those influences and shapes them into something new -- this is the Dot Dash Sound.

And it rocks.

Download "Countdown" from Dot Dash here!

You can find details of the Dot Dash/Ash gig here:

You can buy Winter Garden Light on iTunes here.

And check out the band's label's website for even more details: