Saturday, November 10, 2012

A New Pulco Album Is A Good Thing Indeed

A new album from Pulco is here and it's another set of lo-fi bits of cleverness sure to charm listeners.

28 years of solid lofi is a collection of recordings made by Ash Cooke with his children. Bits and pieces of sounds, samples, and spoken word segments turn something like "For my tea I'd like some ........ " into an infectious little riffer.

"Sumi Numi" is equal parts old Pink Floyd and Radiohead. It's pastoral but a bit...eerie. Beautiful but odd and it's nearly the template for how to mix folk music and lo-fi indie.

"Robot Arm" is the Cyborg Al Green rocking out on the mic -- a really great little bit of fuzzy pop.

Like on most of his records as Pulco, Ash Cooke uses found sounds, samples, and instrumental bits to create a little marvel of home recording. Tunefulness rules here and creativity -- as always -- abounds.

You can play tracks from 28 years of solid lofi below.

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