Thursday, October 11, 2012

Download Epic MP3 From London's Victor Talking Machine Here

London's Victor Talking Machine are due to drop their "Had Enough" E.P. on November 12 and here's the spacious and space-y "Penny Arcade" to tide you over until then.

Recalling the glory days of early Verve, or the mellower moments on Loop and Swervedriver records, "Penny Arcade" unfurls like a genuine freakout from an earlier era. At their best, Victor Talking Machine make me think of The Telescopes and that's not a bad thing.

There was a brief moment when this sort of guitar-rock was gaining traction in the U.K., somewhere after the C86 jingle-jangle days and before "Supersonic" made everyone want to be a Gallagher.

Victor Talking Machine recall that moment. They are neither shoegazers, nor baggy Britpoppers, but they represent the sort of British guitar rock that a lot of of us miss.

Put away your vinyl of Nowhere and spin this instead.

Victor Talking Machine are on tour now and their E.P. will be out in a few weeks.

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