Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Smashing New Free MP3 From Cardiff's Laurence Made Me Cry

Jo Whitby, better known as Laurence Made Me Cry, is back with the wonderful "Intelligent Mister Toad". This is actually Version 2 of the song and she recorded it with the help of Dementio13. The result is a really haunting and impressive bit of work.

The first half of this strongly recalls solo Emma Pollock. And any comparison to the former Delgados singer is very high praise indeed.

The second half veers into Cocteau Twins territory -- maybe side 2 of Four-Calendar Cafe?.

The track is warm, human, and a bit adventurous -- think a less icy Portishead as this cut nears its conclusion.

You can play and download "Intelligent Mister Toad (V2)" below.

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