Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some Thoughts on Batgirl 1 (2009)

The fine folks at DC Comics make it hard on a reader. I go and try to catch up on the Stephanie Brown turn as Batgirl only to read that she's dead. And the DC Universe continuity -- surprise, surprise -- was rebooted -- again! -- in the New 52 arc after this Batgirl series!?!

This is why I'm a Marvel fan. They do this crap too but it somehow seems less annoying when they do it.

Anyway, Batgirl 1 was a nice read and Stephanie Brown makes a believable and likable Batgirl. Still, the story here is very slight and it functions as a teaser for the next issues.

Bryan Q. Miller does a decent job of setting things up but the art by Lee Garbett is what drew me in. Not too silly and not to dark, things here are lively and engaging.

I especially liked this moment below and the way Stephanie considers a future as Batgirl.