Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Free EP From Pulco (ex-Derrero)

It's his birthday and what does he do? Former Derrero frontman Ash Cooke -- as Pulco -- releases a free EP on his birthday, that's what!

The guy is prolific, energetic, creative, and full of ideas and this new EP, entitled Eh - Vont - Gade, contains 7 tunes recorded back in May 2012 for the Garden of Earthly Delights radio show.

Continuing on from the spoken word vibe of Man of Lists, these 7 cuts feature moments of eerie magic -- those bells (?) on "Dr. Doom" -- and moments of whimsy -- "A World In Which You Cannot Win" and its galloping, John Cale-in-the-early-1970s-beat.

"Egg shells" won me over with that organ figure. A haunting little moment and the sort of thing that Ash can seemingly crank out easily.

You can download Eh - Vont - Gade for free here.

Man of Lists is out now on Folkwit Records.

Follow Pulco on the relatively new Pulco website:


Or on Bandcamp here: pulco.bandcamp.com