Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Play New Melody's Echo Chamber Track Here

The debut album from Melody's Echo Chamber will be out in September on Fat Possum records but you can play upcoming single "Endless Shore" below. Coming on like "Bluebeard"-era Cocteau Twins mixed with a hint of Medicine, this cut is a really stunning piece of work.

There are plenty of bands trying to relive the glory days of the shoegazing scene -- no one needs a new Slowdive!!! -- but Melody's Echo Chamber seem to be doing something new with the elements of that fondly remembered era in indie rock.

The grinding guitars -- warped like the sound of the world when you're at the bottom of the pool -- and that little light keyboard figure at the cut's conclusion make "Endless Shore" such a haunting track.

Additionally, the band will be opening for The Raveonettes in the U.S. soon.

Details are on the Facebook page for Meldoy's Echo Chamber: