Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Rode A Taxi From Kwun Tong To Olympian City To See A Sean Lau Movie!?!

I know my coworkers think I'm crazy.

I'm not going to divulge a lot about my job but I'm an editor in Kwun Tong. Let's leave it at that.

I'm also the only American at my company.

So there's something funny to my local coworkers about a big, white, fat, non-Cantonese-speaking American paying $92HKD to ride a taxi to see a crappy local film tonight.

My coworkers sometimes seem perplexed that I'm so devoted -- not really as much anymore -- to Hong Kong cinema.

But the films of this city are what drew me here in the first place.

And even if the films, and the city, sometimes let me down, I'm loyal.

The Gang of Film reconvened after a spring hiatus to see Danny Pang's Fairy Tale Killer (2012).

(Hey, remember when seeing the name of a Pang Brother on a title card made you get excited as a viewer? When was that? What decade?)

The less said about the film, the better. Interestingly, in the English credits it said "Sean Lau" instead of "Lau Ching-Wan" -- I haven't seen his name written that way since before I really knew who he was. The film is crap. It's strictly a student film-type of affair, full of noise and camera trickery signifying nothing. It's a class in mid-1990s MTV-style effects with little pay-off.

I'll let the professionals in The Gang of Film write about the title. Good luck with that.

Still, $92HKD taxi ride or not, it was nice to get the band back together and do our collective duty. And while the ticket counter looks deserted in that picture below, the house at Olympian City was probably half-full which is is not too bad for a local film on opening night here.

Lau Ching-Wan -- Sean Lau -- fans, or Pang Brothers junkies, or kids desperate for a few jolts?

Or just old HK films fans jones-ing for a few reminders of the great works of cinema to come out of this city?

Keep waiting. Fairy Tale Killer (2012) is crap.