Thursday, May 3, 2012

Free Music from London's Victor Talking Machine

Here goes the obligatory name-check of influences that make up the sound of Victor Talking Machine: The Telescopes, A.R. Kane, early Primal Scream, maybe a touch of Longpigs, and so on.

But, hell, who cares? This sound is a sugar-rush, an injection of some familiar junk into a (pop) junkie's old-ass arm.

For all those bands trying to recapture the glories of the class of 1989: this is how you do it!

Bringing a unique POV on those perennial indie touchstones, Victor Talking Machine create some big tunes that feel intimate.

Dig how "Tuscany" goes from Nirvana-esque growler in that intro to a soaring Ash-like anthem in the swirling chorus.

The grinding "Sarah Laughs", available to download below, is more early Telescopes, that world-ending churn and then the stomp of pop glory!

The band is new to me but I am seriously on-board. They are working with producer Marc Waterman (Ride, Elastica) and I can't wait to hear what comes next.

Set the controls for the heart of the indie pop-sun, fellas!

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Play and Download "Sarah Laughs" by Victor Talking Machine Here Sarah Laughs by Victor Talking Machine

Play "Tuscany" Here and Watch The Video Below! Tuscany by Victor Talking Machine