Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tony Stark Holds It Down In Mongkok

I broke up with my girlfriend on Sunday. I got my Hong Kong I.D. Card on Thursday. The after-effects of those two events are still washing over me. I haven't quite digested them both yet, honestly.

And today I signed a one-year lease on my place on Lamma Island.

But the thing that made me stop in my tracks today was that enormous building-size advertisement for The Avengers (2012) in Mongkok/Prince Edward.

Nearly 40 years ago, I was playing with a Mego Iron Man action figure and now he's a mainstream movie character used to advertise this new film franchise. As I spent my youth devouring Marvel comics, I really never thought I'd see the day that an Avengers film would be a reality.

Maybe I'm so excited because the preceding Iron Man and Captain America films were so good?

(And the Thor film wasn't awful.)

Maybe, unlike those Fantastic Four pictures, this will actually be a real Marvel comics film epic?

I'm in a city I love. I have a job that I like and which offers me opportunities for growth -- I'm going to Beijing on business next week -- and I'm living on Lamma Island.

And, yet, the thing that fills me with giddiness is a stupid superhero flick!?!

Yeah, inside, I'm still a 9-year-old, clutching a Mego action figure and stopping at 7-11 with my grandparents to buy comics and a Slurpee.