Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Mouse On Mars: A Mini-Review Of Parastrophics

I always somehow associate Mouse on Mars with Stereolab. I think there was some connection at one time? Some collab in the dim past?

But the bands sound pretty dissimilar. Mouse on Mars are 2 guys -- a band, sort of -- and they make wildly percussive, vaguely dance-y music that insinuates itself with a listener. Like the best Squarepusher, the best Mouse on Mars sounds like no one else. And to label this dance music is a bit dismissive.

But what is it?

Parastrophics, out now on Monkeytown Records, sees the duo return with a blinding, blistering set of tunes.

From the vaguely Europop-sounding opener of "The Beach Stop" to the downright evil closer "Seaqz", this new record is a welcome blast of beats from these guys. The bootstomping "Metrotropy" gives way to the relative calm funk of "Wienuss" and a listener is flung between the samples and beats with a sort of playful fury.

"They Know Your Name" reminds one of Armand Van Helden, while "Syncropticians" sounds like a long-lost Laurie Anderson track.

There are 13 tracks on this record and each one bristles and throbs with a sense of purpose. This is electronic music more alive than most rock 'n' roll!

Get Parastrophics on Monkeytown Records.

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