Monday, April 2, 2012

In Which I Get Within A Meter Of Cherie Chung And Do Not Have A Heart Attack (Or Get Tackled By Security Guards)

Thanks to advance word from the owner of this awesome Cherie Chung blog, I found out that Cherie Chung was going to be doing an appearance today in Causeway Bay.

I decided to take a taxi at lunch and get over there.  I got over there quickly enough.

(I am sure that my coworkers thought I was crazy for doing this.)

Then I sort of looked around and asked and found out that the event was going to be on the 37th floor.  I went up there and held out my camera and acted like I was supposed to be at the event; sometimes it helps to be the only white guy in a room here.  Either the organizers assumed I was supposed to be there, or they thought that I was someone from the Western press and so let me in.

Or they were just desperate for publicity of any kind.

I got to the desk and said that I was representing 2 websites and I wrote down mine and Molly's site -- Molly, I owe you some pics! -- and I got a "media" sticker for my shirt AND a free gift.

Here's my free gift being guarded by Iron Man and Ben Grimm back at my office...

So it worked as I got in and stood there along with about 25 photographers and a TVB cameraman.

First out was Vivian Chow.  I didn't take too many good pics of her unfortunately.  There are pics of her near the end.

Then it was the lovely Annie Liu who was rocking that orange dress!
The one photo is not great but I like how you can see her and see her on the guy's camera in front of me.

Then Cherie Chung arrived.  When she entered and began the walk across the room -- behind a rope and away from sweating hulks like me -- I could hear a little gasp ripple around the room and why not?
Cherie Chung looks better now at 50-something than almost any current Hong Kong "starlet" and Cherie carries herself with a sort of dignity that is sadly missing from both Hong Kong and Hollywood these days.

It's not too silly to say that she's become -- in some weird way -- almost regal and she's now starting to remind me of Grace Kelly a bit.

I also dig that she has stayed retired and not bothered to do any new films.

Anyway, she came out, chatted, posed and posed some more, then did a ceremonial handprint-thing with the owners of the Neo Derm shop centre she was promoting.

No more nonsense from me.  Here are the pics and a few seconds of video at the bottom.