Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Commute Will Now Involve Lamma Island

Has Hong Kong really become so comfortable to me that I failed to blog about my move to Lamma Island until now?

Judging by the reactions of my friends back home, it seems like a pretty momentous move.

(Or maybe they're just jealous of the views, like that one above?)

Yeah, for the same price as my serviced apartment in Causeway Bay -- my 9 foot-by-9 foot serviced apartment! -- I got an apartment here in a small building. This place has 2 bathrooms, 2 small extra bedrooms, a big front room with a balcony, a kitchen, and a master bedroom with another bathroom.

I have gone into the office of my future employers a few times to get a feel for the sort of commute I'll have when I start working. Needless to say, it will be longer and I'll be a prisoner of the ferry schedule.

That said, the ferry ride is so relaxing, and the quiet of Lamma so inviting, that it's hard to imagine getting entirely sick of this place.

Hopefully, in the summertime, I can leave here early enough, and get home late enough, to avoid the oppressive Hong Kong heat.

My walk home now involves passing through a restaurant I used to visit as a tourist, and which Anthony Bourdain recently hit in his new show "The Layover"...