Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's A Beautiful Sunny Day In Hong Kong And I'm Sitting In A Theater Watching A Wong Jing Movie!?! (Plus More Avengers Nonsense)

More of that Avengers hype in a bit. First, some Wong Jing.

Yeah, as I got off the ferry in Central this afternoon, I asked myself why I was sacrificing a lovely Sunday afternoon for Wong Jing? Well, I wasn't, really. It's more a sense of duty. And The Gang of Film are a fun bunch so I always look forward to seeing a film with them.

Especially if the film is at The Grand as that theater can make garbage seem wonderful. Almost.

Well, The Gang of Film -- minus the female members -- gathered and we had an honorary female guest join us today: Valerie Soe from

Marrying Mr. Perfect (2012) was not horrible. I actually let a few genuine laughs slip out during the first half. But, the second half was just boring. Chapman To was funny in most of his scenes. And Ronald Cheng tried. But poor Gigi Leung looked half-asleep through most of this flick. She bore the signs of someone who hates her job and is just looking at the clock and waiting for quitting time.

Or in this case, just waiting for Wong Jing to yell "Cut!"

Okay, now about The Avengers (2012).

This shopping arcade in Causeway Bay had a ton of Avengers promo posters and standees up everywhere. I went through the whole building. They even had mini-mobiles hanging from the ceiling.

I ran through crazy scenarios in my mind of how I could sneak in after-hours and kidnap the standee, shove it into the back of a taxi, and get it on the ferry to Lamma; what better decoration for my barren apartment than a life-size Captain America and crew?

In the picture below, it says something about the Twins Pop-Up Store. I went there. Ah Sa and Ah Gil did not pop-up and greet me. It was just a bunch of clothes in a badly-lit room.

Twins + Marvel superheroes = fanboy joy!

I ambled home and got my ferry back to Lamma. As most restaurants in Causeway Bay were crowded, I had dinner at the kebab place here. That's the Turkish lamb pizza and some pickles.