Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting Used To Lamma (Cue Zep's "The Rain Song" Now)

I'm not an outdoors person by any means. I consider camping equivalent to torture. I need electricity, and internet access, and hot running water.

However, that's about it. I can get by with a lot less as long as those essentials are there which means that Lamma is turning out to be a good place for me.

It's so quiet here that I woke up early due to the plastic thump of a soap-holder coming upstuck from above my sink and falling across the bathroom. The suction cups failed.

It rained this morning and when I go out today it will be the first day where I've had to deal with muddy ground. That shouldn't be an issue once I get to the main paths to the pier.

I know a lot of people probably resent me now -- quit my job, came to Hong Kong, found a job quickly, and found a nice place like this -- so be it. They can resent me all they want.

Taking risks was never my strength before and so I got lucky, or fortunate, or blessed if you want to believe that sort of thing.

If it makes you haters feel any better, it's been a tough transition in some ways. But, I'm reasonably happy here.

No place is perfect, and there are minor annoyances here too, but at least that ferry ride in the morning makes me more mellow when I deal with the hordes on the MTR.

And in the evening it decompresses me so that I am totally mellow by the time I reach home -- no more walking in angry after driving on the D.C. Beltway for 2 hours!

No one knows the future but I feel a bit more optimistic about it here.

This blog post's title is in reference to this video. I left it soundtrack-free but, of course, I went inside and played "The Rain Song" by Led Zeppelin as I watched the rain drip on my balcony railing...