Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Menudo: And I Ain't Talking About The Old Boy Band

It seems some days that I'm just killing time.

That's not to say that I haven't done a lot in my 12 days here: I got an apartment -- I move in on Friday -- and I got a phone and I had the measurements taken for a suit.

I hate suits. I really hate them. I don't mind wearing khakis, a tie, and a blazer but a suit-suit is just something I really do not enjoy wearing. Who does?

So my job search is a bit unorthodox at the moment but I think that's okay. I'm making contacts, learning more about Hong Kong, and settling in.

It would have been foolish to have thought I'd have a job lined up in 12 days.

I think I'm just getting antsy because the Lunar New Year is coming and I'm not sure what things will be like then. Might lose a few days while everyone is off work but -- who knows? -- maybe I'll meet some fellow expats during the holidays and get a lead on a job?

So today, I wandered around looking for a place to have a late breakfast/lunch and I strolled through Wanchai. Every place -- even 7-11 -- had a big line inside or outside the door.

I always wondered why people in this city of fantastic food options would ever eat at 7-11 but I think I know the answer: sometimes that's the least crowded place where one can grab a quick lunch during the working day.

Not only that but some 7-11 shops here have pretty good looking food bars -- sort of like Wawa stores back home -- with staff members making noodle dishes, and maybe some dumplings, for the queuing customers.

Mang Ambo was so crowded today that I had to eat outside. I think I was oddly some kind of good advertisement for the place as I noticed a lot of people stopping to read the signs on the wall for the lunch specials.

The sight of a fat gweilo outside could have been an indication of good eats inside, eh?

Lining up the big lunch...

Awesomeness as usual. There's the beef steak with onions, some pork with shrimp paste, rice, a hint of beef with tomato sauce on top of that, and the menudo in the lower left.

Really, that menudo was so good that I could eat just that and the beef steak and be happy.

The problem with Mang Ambo's is that I always want to try a few dishes.

I had one of those McDonald's Slurpee knock-offs later. It hit the spot...

Then it was back to the tailor's to pick out a new fabric as my first choice was out of stock. I go back for a second fitting on Monday.

And I got my laundry back today too. I'm going to try to time my laundry runs to coincide with my move down closer to Times Square.

I'm sure I'll need to pick a more convenient laundry in that area, despite the fact that my usual laundry on Wan Chai Road is a good bargain and staffed by a very cheery family.

See how exciting my life is in Hong Kong?