Saturday, January 14, 2012

"It Really Tied The Room Together." I Bought A Rug.

After a nice lunch -- sweet potato beef curry at Pho Saigon, along with fresh summer rolls (they were out of the crispy spring rolls today) -- I went shopping and wandering again.

Yeah, there is not much space here but I still needed more stuff.

I made a miraculous discovery today: there is a Wellcome supermarket on Hennessy Road, near the corner of Queen's Road West (which is where I live).

So the lesson is that I didn't need to schlep all that crap home from the Wellcome in Causeway Bay last night and waste time in a taxi when I could have gone to this closer store.

That said, the closer Wellcome is a good deal smaller and older than the big 24-hour one in Causeway Bay near Fashion Walk (I think that's the name of that area).

Today, I got food and then visited the building in Wanchai where I got a lot of good DVDs before.

I am not buying DVDs again but I did notice a few good things. I saw two copies of He's A Woman, She's A Man (1994) today which proves that it's not entirely Out-Of-Print (OOP). I didn't see the price on the one copy but the other one was about $35USD.

I noticed quite a few other titles that were rare once, all fairly reasonably priced. Even the priciest store in that building is still usually cheaper on the rare stuff than and the sellers on there.

I only got 3 things: A copy of Boogie Nights (1997) on DVD for about $3USD. Haven't watched the film in a few years so I'll try that out on the in-room DVD player.

And I got a recent Fall CD for about $6USD -- cheaper than buying it from iTunes -- and a 5-CD Francoise Hardy boxset that was only $11USD since the box is damaged. I figure I'll load that to my iTunes then mail it to a friend back home.

"That rug really tied the room together, did it not?" Hey, it's something...

That is one tiny bathmat. Well, it was rolled up so I just grabbed a colorful one. It will help me not fall on my ass in that shower stall...

A video of a walk in my hood for at least another month...