Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Have A Serviced Apartment In Hong Kong. Does That Mean I'm No Longer A Tourist?

So I moved in today.

I'm so close to Times Square that I can see the Lane Crawford ad on the side of Times Square from my window.

It's small but I think I'll feel a whole lot better once I unload these monster suitcases and find a place to store them.

I think I could fit one behind the desk if I pulled the desk out a bit. They are most likely too big to go anywhere else in here.

Before I name the place I'm staying at, let's see how things go this month.

So far, the agent has been very helpful and honest, and the place is more modern and clean than the other units I looked at at other places.

Okay, now to unpack to the sound of traffic noise 12 floors up.

Hey, I'm in an apartment in Hong Kong.

That's enough of an accomplishment for now.

I just need a job now.

The Grand Tour Of The New Digs in Hong Kong, near Times Square and Causeway Bay...