Monday, January 9, 2012

Free MP3 From Sheffield's Standard Fare

It's Andy on drums, Dan on guitar and vocals, and Emma on bass and lead vocals.

And Emma's mother was in Poison Girls.

That's all you need to know right now about the background of Sheffield's Standard Fare.

The other bit of important information I can share with you is that I love this track!

Somehow combining a touch of earlier influences -- the usual C86 stuff, a more robust take on Shop Assistants, plus the guitar crash of Slanted and Enchanted-era Pavement -- into something new, this cut is like The Young Knives with Kate Jackson (she of The Long Blondes) on vocals.

It's a rollicking, thumping song that is oddly uplifting. There's something about Emma's yearning vocals and that plucked guitar that really charms.

If you could imagine a female-fronted version of The Jam -- think "When You're Young" specifically -- you'd get an idea of the postpunk joy in this track.

But hey, enough writing: go listen to this now!  Download it and play it many times.

Then, on 24 January, get the Out Of Sight, Out Of Town album on Melodic.

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  Standard Fare - Suitcase by Melodic Records