Friday, January 13, 2012

First Night In My HK Apartment

I unpacked and went out wandering around in the rain.

I had a lot of second thoughts today and most of those were the result of the small space I'm in now.

Then I realized that I am still living at a higher standard of living -- even temporarily unemployed -- than the majority of people here.

And I reminded myself that I could always move to a bigger place farther away from Hong Kong Island next month.

Not only would the place be bigger but it might be cheaper too.

So, I came back thinking I probably shouldn't have left my window cracked but no rain or insects seemed to have gotten in here and -- dammit -- it's still hot and humid to me (despite most people outside wearing winter coats).

I need air in this place!

I'm still surprised at how much traffic noise there is considering that I am 12 floors up.

Then again, I'm probably about parallel with the overpass for the highway near Times Square.

I spent nearly $70USD on groceries and, luckily, my cabbie knew where I lived based on my very rough description of the area.

The doorman was very funny tonight as he made some joke about the amount of groceries I bought today. And somebody's domestic helper in line for the next elevator over smiled at me.

I feel better now.

My only splurge was a 4-pack of Tetley's Bitter.

And I got a $5USD bathmat-thing so I don't fall on my butt when I try to stumble out of that bathroom/shower stall area in the middle of the night.

Gonna kick back, have one of those Tetley's, and watch some junk TV on the in-room DVD player.

"The King Of Queens" season 3, disc 1...