Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cheap Lunch In Hong Kong: Ajisen Ramen

Don't worry if you wonder around in Hong Kong. Pretty soon you'll find something good to eat.

I still have a bit of hesitancy in entering places that may not have an English menu. I don't mind doing that when I'm with others. But when alone, I get nervous.

So when I'm out by myself, I rely on the familiar.

But it doesn't matter because even fast food here is great and cheap.

I'm not an expert on ramen, and I've only had it maybe a dozen times in my life, but I'm positive that the ramen at Ajisen Ramen is not the best in the world.

Still, for a chain restaurant, it's decent. For a grand total of $8USD, I got that enormous bowl of pork and corn ramen, a Pepsi Lite -- the closest thing to Diet Pepsi I'm likely to find here in HK! -- and a side of gyoza.

It cost more than that to get a foot-long sub at Subway back in America.

Of course, I did make an unholy mess out of the meal, even flipping my chopsticks onto the ground as I reached for the soda.