Saturday, January 7, 2012

"And Wendy's Stealing Clothes From Marks And Sparks..."

[If you don't understand this post's title, shame on ya!]

I got to live out an Anglophile's fantasy today -- one I didn't indulge in when I was in England some years ago -- as I went shopping at Marks and Spencer.

I took The Golden Rock's advice and checked out the nearest Marks and Spencer in the hopes that they would indeed have odd -- read: big-ass -- sizes. Nope.

Before going, I forgot that sizes here would most likely be displayed following the European ones since this was a British colony only 14 years ago.

I had no trouble finding big sizes -- I tried on 46 Long and 48 Medium -- and they almost did the trick but not quite.

My gut was still a problem.

Oh well. I can always find one of those famously quick tailors around here and get a suit made. But I refuse to go back to East Tsim Sha Tsui and one of those shady suit brokers -- the kind that was pestering me on the street over there.

Prior to this adventure, I finally found my way back to the Indonesian market duriandave and I visited back in 2009 on my first visit here.

New Indonesian Restaurant is a market with tables in the back. The food is good, fresh, and cheap.

I had nasi campur which is a sort of platter. The spicy shredded chicken in this was fantastic! And we had tempeh on the side....

I didn't even try my friend's spicy pigeon. And no, you don't eat the head. At least she didn't...

I am just fascinated by the McDonald's Prosperity Burger here. It's a tie-in with Lunar New Year and it tastes like the McRib back home but much more pepper-y and covered with a sauce and onions. It comes with Arby's-style curly fries too!