Friday, December 9, 2011

Mystic Aura: New Tunes Up On YouTube

Mystic Aura is two people: Malcolm Argyle and Ashleigh Fleur Malin. Between the two of them, they do the lot: guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, vocals.

There's a lot of love for the glory days of goth rock here but Malcolm's vocals are human and direct. Any band that tries to do this sort of music where the lead singer is not aping either Robert Smith or Peter Murphy is a good thing.

The guitars recall tracks on Garlands by Cocteau Twins. And, like that first album from the 4AD pioneers, the tunes here have one foot in the goth world and one foot in another.

There's a touch of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry here too, but without as much heaviness.

This is a relatively new band and they are trying out new material even as we speak. Check out their YouTube page and follow them on their Facebook page.

"Beauty" from Mystic Aura