Friday, December 9, 2011

Free MP3 From D.C.'s Mittenfields: My Mind Is An Avalanche

This is one of the best things I've heard in weeks!

D.C.'s Mittenfields have self-released an EP -- details on their Facebook page -- and today I'm going to share with you the mighty "My Mind Is An Avalanche" -- you can play it below or download the MP3 via that link.

Sounding like that guy in The Arcade Fire trying to wrap his head around "Levitate Me" from The Pixies, "My Mind Is An Avalanche" surges forward on a wall of noise -- someone please hook these guys up with Steve Albini! -- and the big tune roars and coasts and roars again:

"On the road with Kerouac..."

Dave Mann's voice sounds a bit like David Byrne's here, recalling those latter Talking Heads cuts when Byrne was less detached and more direct and engaged, while the riffs -- 3 guitars? -- pummel like Dinosaur Jr. if those dudes had had a sense of urgency on Bug (1988).

The musicianship here is top notch. Out of the shadows of D.C.'s noble hardcore past, Mittenfields are creating something new from a worthy set of influences. "My Mind Is An Avalanche" really excites me. I can hear what these guys have been listening to but I can also hear a band puling those disparate pieces together and pushing them forward into a new thing, the whirl of the cut making new shapes out of the old rock fabric.

Dig it!

They've got a string of shows in D.C. and elsewhere coming up in the new year so do yourself a favor and keep track of them now via their Facebook page.

My Mind Is An Avalanche by Mittenfields

Download "My Mind Is An Avalanche" by Mittenfields