Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Single From I Am A Camera: Commuter Love

Recalling Ladytron, here's a new UK duo that I like quite a bit already.

I Am A Camera are releasing new single "Commuter Love" on 4 December but you can play it here below.

The band is now working with producer Cameron McVey who has contributed to the success of both Portishead and Sugababes.

Like I have always insisted when raving about UK-based pop: there's not so much difference between indie rock and quality dance music. In America, genres are segregated but in the UK and Europe, one can dance and think at the same time, you know?

"Commuter Love" is supple, sleek, modern, and a bit retro all the same.

For now I would urge you to follow this new band as I'm sure that they are going to have even more success in 2012.

Check out their Facebook page as well as their official website.

I Am A Camera - Commuter Love by PurplePR