Thursday, November 10, 2011

The New Barry Adamson Track Rocks Like A Beast

I guess a guy who's done virtually every style of music is still capable of surprising a long-time listener. Former Magazine member Barry Adamson offers up this piano-led growler from his upcoming spring record.

As others have noted, the Iggy in Berlin-vibe is inescapable. The song retains the trace of danger that the best Bad Seeds stuff had -- another former venue for Mr. Adamson-- but this cut is sleek and modern and a nice/strange mix of jazz and rock.

Side One of Primal Scream's Evil Heat meets post-Bauhaus Peter Murphy, maybe?

You can get "Destination" as a free download on Barry Adamson's website:

(Also via that link below!)

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Barry Adamson - Destination by centralcontrolsoundcloud