Friday, November 25, 2011

Kate Jackson Of The Long Blondes Finally Readies Solo Album!

I've haven't been this psyched, as they say, about hearing a singer go solo since Rose Elinor-Dougall put our her solo album a year ago.

The NME is reporting today that the former Long Blondes frontwoman is working on a solo album and the first two tracks posted online are fantastic!

This is great stuff. There's something a trifle less angry about the way Kate is singing here. There's still urgency and passion and the pop hooks work.

And, if I wanted to be a bit lazy as a writer, I'd say that these are a touch more glam than punk.

Still, she's edging closer to being this era's Chrissie Hynde as far as I'm concerned.

I can't wait to hear what she's cooked up with Suede's Bernard Butler.

"Wonder Feeling" will be released as a single in December.

For those of you in the UK, Kate Jackson is playing Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen on 7 December.

For now, follow Kate Jackson and the Kate Jackson Group on the official Facebook page here:

Kate Jackson - Wonder Feeling by KateJackson