Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dot Dash Open For Chameleons Vox Tomorrow Night At The Black Cat! (And Another Free MP3)

Just a reminder that Dot Dash are opening for a line-up of the seminal Chameleons called Chameleons Vox at D.C.'s Black Cat tomorrow night (November 28).

And, to remind you what a crackling unit this four-piece is, here's another free MP3 from the guys. I decided to go with the wildly melodic "Hurrah" which recalls Julie Ocean a tiny bit. Leader Terry Banks and Hunter Bennett both played in that band and here they're aided in the quest for a pop hook by the guitar riffs of Bill Crandall and a strong, decidedly Keith Moon-ish turn on the skins from Danny Ingram (Swervedriver, Strange Boutique, radioblue).

This is punchy, poppy, post-punk rock that recalls the finest moments of Guided By Voices (oddly), as well as power pop stuff like Shoes and The Records.

I think I chose this song as today's freebie to highlight the band's strong pop sense; it's not all heavy Wire homages around the Dot Dash HQ!

Download "Hurrah" from Dot Dash

Dot Dash are playing with Black Swan Lane and Chameleons Vox on 11/28 at the Black Cat. Doors are at 8 PM.

Follow Dot Dash on their Facebook page.

You can buy the album, Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash, from Dot Dash, as a download via

You can also get Spark>Flame>Ember>Ash, from Dot Dash, via iTunes in the US here.

And the physical CD is available from